Scouting is not an abstruse or difficult science: rather it is a jolly game if you take it in the right light. In the same time it is educative, and (like Mercy) it is apt to benefit him that giveth as well as him that receives.

Since our start

President’s College, Maharagama scout troop started on 8th of March, 1979 and registered in the Sri Lankan Scout Association under B592 in Homagama District Scout Association as 15th Homagama. Our first scout leader was Mr. M. E. S Jayasinghe and his assistant was Mr. J. Liyanage. (Mr. M. E. S Jayasinghe is National Trainee Commissioner in Sri Lanka Scout Association) Mr. J. P. R. Ashoka was the second scout leader of our scout troop. (Mr. J. P. R. Asoka was the former District Commissioner of Homagama district and he is the President of the District Scout Association). In the present most of the Assistant District Commissioners in the Homagama District are from our Scout Troop. Since 1979, almost 50 scout leaders were giving them a service to our scout troop. President’s College Maharagama Scout Troop created 5 Wood Badge scout leaders and 55 Presidents’ Scouts. In earlier days President’s College Scout Group were consist four sub scout troops as Suura, Weera, Deera, Vikum and there were also a Cub Scout Troop and a Rover Scout Troop.


Membership Badge
Scout Award
District Commissioner Code
Chief Commissioner Award
  • 8th March, 1979 - President’s College Maharagama Scout Troop registers under Homagama Scout District Association as 15th Homagama Scout Troop.
  • 1984 – Our Scout Troop earn the highest Job Week income than the other scout troop in Homagama District Scout Association.
  • 1986 – Won the District trophy of Homagama District Scout Association.
  • 1990 – S. Shawantha Mallawa become the first President Scout in President’s College Maharagama scout troop, since then 55 scouts were become President Scouts.
  • 24th January, 1993 – The Scout Den build by scouts was declared open for scouts use.
  • 1996 – The first district camp host in President’s College grounds and in the first district camp our scout troop shown the colours and become the winning troop of the Cornel S.S.D.B Perera challenging trophy.
  • 1997 – The first district Rover Scout Troop was started in President’s College Maharagama.
  • 1998 – Mr. Samantha Nandasiri and Mr. Lasantha Sanjeewa who were scouts of President’s College Mharagama Scout Troop become Wood Badge holders.
  • 1999 – In the district camp held in Dharmapala vidyala, Kottawa our scout troop shown the colours for the second time and become the Champion troop of the Cornel S.S.D.B Perera challenging trophy.
  • 2000 – In this year our registration was renew and we become the 5th Homagama Scout Troop. This was carried by the District Scout Association, at that time there were some deactivate registered scout troops.
  • 2002 – District camp held in Kothalawala Maha Vidyalaya in Kaduwela, President’s College Maharagama Scout Troop becomes the runner-up and won Professor Jerad Fernando trophy.
  • 2004 - District camp held in Central College in Homagama, President’s College Maharagama Scout Troop becomes the runner-up and won Professor Jerad Fernando trophy.
  • 2007 - The District Camp held in Vijayawardhana Vidyalayain, Kiriwaththuduwa we fight with 19 scouts and we show our shining colours to the District for the third time and become the Champion troop of the Cornel S.S.D.B Perera challenging trophy.
  • 2009 – District Camp held in Dharmapala Vidyalaya in Pannipitiya, our scout troop won the Cornel S.S.D.B Perera challenging trophy. The chief guest was the first lady and the wife of President, her Excellency Mrs. Shiranthi Wicramasinghe Rajapaksha.
  • 2011 – District Camp held in Anada College in Kottawa again and again undefeatable President’s College Maharagama scout troop won the Cornel S.S.D.B Perera challenging trophy.
  • 2014 – District Camp held in Priminister College in Kalalgoda our scout troop again won the district trophy.


Two three days away from the home, sleeping in a tent, staying on top of a observing hut … There are more things to do in a camp


Discover the beauty of the island mountain climbing; see the beauty of a water fall by climbing to the top, 100 or 1000 km were not an issue for us

Our Social Work

Blood donation camps, refurbishing offer age houses, cleaning public wells not only that we help others whenever they need help.

Pioneer activities

From Mobile flag post, bridge post to camp gates with mechanical doors our scouts use the knowledge and make it practical with a creative hand that comes from our traditional

Annual Progremme

  • January
    • Refurbishment of Scout Den
  • February
    • Launching The Web Site
    • Practicing For The District Camp
  • March
    • New Scouts Enrollment
    • Two Day Work Shop
  • April
    • Bak Maha Festival
  • May
    • Seniors Hike (Sri Padaya)
    • Flower Dansala
  • June
    • Fresher's Depose
    • Scout Job Week
    • Annual price Giving
  • July
    • Seela Viyaparaya
  • August
    • Kite Festival
  • September
    • Scout Week/ Social Work
  • October
    • Survival Course
  • November
    • Study Leave Month
  • December
    • Annual Training Camp


Enjoy the childhood with a great pleasure then become teenagers with confident with practical experience than others and stepping to the society as a leader.


Create a person who Serve to the nation as a loyal citizen.